Here are some of my films. There are more, but they all suck.

WINNER: Best Post-Production + Audience Choice Award @ College of Staten Island Film Festival.

My favorite thing I've ever made. In the year 1950, Edgar Ellington tries to invent something to help humanity and leave his mark on the world.

My personal love letter to filmmaking. Ryan Wise is a young amateur filmmaker who has always had big dreams and goals of making it as a director. With the help of his brother Rob, along with a cast of less-than talented people, Ryan sets out to make his new movie.

This one isn't as good, but I'm in it. And it's kinda funny. A dry comedy similar to "Louie" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "The Idle Mind" is about a teenager named Ted struggling to find his place in the world.

WINNER: Best Experimental Film @ College of Staten Island Film Festival.

"Liberation" took approx. 2,000 sheets of paper and 8 months of work to make into a 5 minute short film.

I wouldn't even watch this one. Seriously, it's not very good. I just put it on here to add one more film. Don't watch it. The fire effects are pretty neat though.